Around the Bend Strawbale House, Pond and Gardens

April 2, 2007

Some why words

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Why Around the Bend?  Our property is just around a big bend in the road, but we also figure that the building project itself may drive us “around the bend.”

Why Ottawa?  Work is moving to Ottawa in 2007, so we are making the move ourselves. 

Why Strawbale?  See the next post.

Why Blog? We have lots of acquaintances across Canada and beyond who are curious about our strawbale home.  We hope this blog will help to satisfy your curiousity.


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h.mWelcome to our blog.  We are Harry, Marianne and Rosie, and we are building a straw bale house near Ottawa during 2007.   We welcome your comments and questions, but especially encouragement.

This public blog is meant for our wider circle of acquaintances and the general public to watch our progress as we build. We are glad to join the community of strawbale enthusiasts and the other strawbale bloggers out there.

 We also have a blog for family and close friends to get more particulars about our specific location and for scheduling visits.  To get access to that blog, please email atbstraw[insert the numeral “1”] “at”

Blog at