Around the Bend Strawbale House, Pond and Gardens

April 19, 2007


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Problem trees had to be cut down.  A big old willow tree was half dead and interfering with the power lines.  Htree countydro kindly took it down for us, in-between restoring power several times in this part of Ontario.  A big Manitoba maple (i.e. considered a weed tree) was too close to the house.  We  had it cut down and cut into chunks.  Joel is counting rings.  A true scientist.  

April 4, 2007

Purchasing the property

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First lookThis is how the place first looked the first time we saw it ourselves. We First look2 stopped in for only a few minutes, really just going on to look at other properties. We weren’t serious about this location at the time.  

The trailer was on the property, but we didn’t purchase it.


bought2But something about the place stuck.  I (Harry) kept looking at the listing and wondering.  Finally I took a final drive out to look at it and we decided to purchase in November 2005.  Since then we’ve been planning and thinking and exploring. 


Real Estate Listing

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real estate 3real estate 1In 2004 and 2005, Harry spent lots of time surfing the web looking for properties.  The real estate listing pictures for this property were intriguing.  They showed a lush and intriguing landscape.  And  the log barn might satisfy Harry’s child hood dream (from Agassiz BC) to build, well at least have, a log house of sorts.

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