Around the Bend Strawbale House, Pond and Gardens

August 10, 2016

More decks

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The next job was to build the deck at the “diving” end of the pond as well as finish connecting the main house deck over the secondary filter to the end of the pond deck.

August 8, 2016

Steps and seats

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Before the pond got too full we added steps at one end of the pond and underwater seats at the opposite end.

August 4, 2016

Clean up

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The bottom of the pond was particularly gross, slimy, smelly, with rotten leaves, frog poop, and dead frogs and other creatures.  But we scrubbed the liner, pumped water and shop vacuumed it spotlessly clean.  And re-homed lots more frogs.

After that we began to refill the pond.  We called the company that drilled our 300 foot well 10 years before. They assured us that, with the depth of our well and our flow rate, we should have no problem filling the pond from the well, saving thousands of dollars having water trucked in.  The water ran for 6 days straight to fill the pond up.


August 3, 2016

Frog removal

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The lack of work on the pond itself over the last two years made it a frog haven.  To get to serious clean up, we drained most of the pond, and then we removed over 400 frogs and re-homed them in the Rideau River 5 km away.  Hopefully they won’t try to get back.

August 1, 2016

Pond Plumbing

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We bought the single pond pump in the spring.  Early August saw us figuring out how to hook up all the plumbing between the underwater pond piping set up back in summer of the 2014, through the pump and to the filter.  It all had to work to drain during the winter as well.

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