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December 31, 2015

Christmas deck 2015

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So we had the crazy idea, because it was such a warm winter to build a deck when the son and daughter were home for Christmas.  First up was prepping the area over the weekends before Christmas.

The day before Christmas it was warm enough to tear apart the old mini deck in shorts.

It got colder, but we pressed on with the footings and beams starting on Boxing Day.


From there, we started framing all the sections.



but we persisted…

and finished it off.


December 8, 2015

Flagstone landing at the pond

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The disturbingly and unseasonably warm weather has allowed us to keep doing little landscaping jobs well into December.

At the end of the path flowing around the house from the front described in the previous post, is now a flagstone landing. It is where one steps down from the current deck (and next year from the future deck) and leads to the rocks around the pond. It also has a gate separating the dog run part of the yard from the pond itself.  (Dogs can’t go in the pond area unsupervised… the digging instinct is too ingrained.)



Down the Garden path

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Our front perennial garden has various gravel paths leading to and around the beds, from the front door to the driveway.

Part of this summer/fall’s work involved extending these paths around the house through one of the gates towards the pond area.



December 7, 2015

Rain “barrels”

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Our pond is a closed loop system.  No water will run into it, including from the surrounding ground area to help keep it algae free.  So it will need topping up during the summer when the sun and wind will evaporate some of the water.  We set up a system to collect over 1100 gallons of water from the steel roofed house, using 275 gallon totes which used to hold vegetable oil.  We’ll describe the water collection system when it is put together in the spring.

Meantime the structure for the barrels formed part of the fence so we had to get that done this past summer as well. We poured a slab, cleaned the totes, built a structure, started the plumbing and enclosed half the totes to form the fence.

Fence passed inspection- yay

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So, as we said back in July, a pool/pond needs a city permit, just for the fence/enclosure for safety reasons.  Our summer was taken up reconstructing the fence according to the bylaw: we drilled holes, acquired posts, poured concrete, attached wire and rails, built gates… all for the successful inspection we received.  Compare these photos to the beginning ones back in July.


Notice also the green grass inside the fence in the photo above that shows the house.  That took an enormous amount of fussy landscaping to turn a mess (see some of the July pics)into a relatively evenly sloped and grassy field for the dogs to run in. Some more seeding needed to bulk up the bare spots in the spring.  Some pre-seeding pictures below.

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