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July 11, 2015

Neglected pond

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The pond itself has been neglected.. left to the frogs and tadpoles.. except for some rock work which required the skidsteer before all fencing blocks it from getting near the pond.

IMG_5215 IMG_5216 003 004 006

Some of the large rocks going into place.. Joel testing if we can sit with our feet in the water.

055 060 067 079 084

July 10, 2015

July landscaping

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Putting in fences requires adjusting the landscaping to match the slopes of the fencing and deal with run off water from the rest of the property and the road.  We started by trying to clean up the slope from the pond out into the yard.  Here’s some pics of that:

073 076 077 IMG_5218006

The rest of the work involved smoothing out the lines under future fencing and dealing with slopes for rainwater flow..

063 064 067 068118 001 002

Building the fence 1 – May – July 2015

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As you may know there are strict rules for fences around pools and ponds.  Typically a chain link or board or steel fence. We wanted to go with a bit more rustic cedar rail look befitting the country.  So we negotiated with the city and got permission for that, but some other pieces of the rule (spacing of posts, requiring concrete around each, etc) meant pulling all the fencing we had in place and starting anew.  May long weekend we drilled all the holes and then started putting the posts in with the concrete.  We are now ready to put on the fencing itself.  Here’s a few pics of current status, including one gate area that is complete next to the house.

The gate area before and after.

045 105 114

And some more of the fence perimeter.

115 116 117 118 119 120 121

And finally adding some of the fence wire with my excellent help.

035 045 036 031 050

July 9, 2015

Winter view

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Hey again, we are back to some more concentrated time on the pond and its surrounding fence.. and now catching up on blogging about it.

Here’s a couple of winter pics.. then we move into spring and summer work.

P1020407 P1020408

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