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August 24, 2014


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Solitary? Sandpiper.  Regular old Garter Snake.. one of the many around the yard this year.

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(Nearly) finishing the wall

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We got most of the wall completed as well.

.IMG_5058 IMG_5060 IMG_5062 IMG_5063 IMG_5065

August 22, 2014

underwater plumbing

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Started to set up the various bits of plumbing related to things underwater and undergravel.  The drainpipes connect up to a riser with a checkvalve.  The 2″ pipe from the skimmer also joins up on the riser.  This will go over to the pump to be installed next year.  A 1″ pipe returns from the pump to send 2 jets of water into the deep part of the pond to aid circulation.

IMG_5049 IMG_5066b IMG_5070a IMG_5071a

August 20, 2014

drain tile

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We are using 4 inch perforated drain tile with fabric sock under the gravel for filtering.  Water will be sucked down through the gravel by a pump.  The gravel and plants planted in the gravel will filter the water and beneficial bacteria will absorb the stuff that algae wants for food.. thus reducing algae.  We plugged the ends of the drain tile, with 3″pipe and the used foam to seal the ends.  We also used foam to join the drain tile to solid pipe leading to the pump.

IMG_5045 IMG_5044 IMG_5046 IMG_5048 IMG_5067

August 9, 2014

Frog rescue

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Wildlife is very attracted to the pond already.. many pond bugs, snakes, and many frogs.. With the walls up we decided to remove the frogs in case they were trapped… we netted at least 40 of them and brought them to a wet spot in the yard.  um.. little while later there were at least 15 back inside the swimming area… we missed them?? or they returned???  invasion???

IMG_5031 IMG_5030 IMG_5025 IMG_5022 IMG_5027

swim section walls – 2

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The wall sections have been put together to make up the complete swimming area.  More boards will be added later once the plumbing for the gravel filter and skimmer is complete.

IMG_5004 IMG_5007 IMG_5016 IMG_5017 IMG_5019 Garden Aug 2014 050 IMG_5039 IMG_5040 IMG_5041

August 7, 2014

swim section walls – 1

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Next step was turning a pile of lumber into the walls to separate the swimming section from the gravel filter section of the pond.  Each section was built and the carried into the pond into its place.

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