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July 23, 2014

underlay carpet adjustment

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Since the carpet under the liner is important for protecting the liner, we (or someone) had to check the carpet under the liner.

IMG_4978 IMG_4981 IMG_4985

After that we let the rain fall and slowly fill up the bottom portion of the pond.


July 20, 2014

First “swim”

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We began filling the pool to help the liner find its place and identify areas to adjust.  We took the opportunity for the first swim too.  More water will have to wait until we have a permit and get the fence finished….

IMG_4965 IMG_4969 DSC00397 DSC00407 DSC00412

July 19, 2014

Liner install

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First we had to roll the liner out across the bottom of the pond — 1200 plus lbs..  Then hoist it with the skidsteer up onto the outside of the wall.  We hoped we could just unroll what we needed from the roll at that point, but we in fact needed to unroll it down the hill outside the pond and then hoist it in sections to adjust.

IMG_4902 IMG_4913 IMG_4915 IMG_4920 IMG_4922 IMG_4938

Next came the big moment, measure several times.. cut once..

IMG_4953 IMG_4955

and we are ready for unfolding…

IMG_4946 IMG_4947

for the unfolding we did a little time lapse movie.

watch it here.

And then a few pics of the results… it was a terribly hot day, in a pit, and with a very hot liner.

IMG_4958 IMG_4959 IMG_4961


July 18, 2014

Liner install final prep

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Just before the liner we put carpet over all the bags, with a double layer on the bottom of the swimming area.

IMG_4881 IMG_4886 IMG_4890 IMG_4891 IMG_4892 IMG_4893 IMG_4894 IMG_4895 IMG_4896 IMG_4897 IMG_4899

July 16, 2014

Getting ready for liner — yet more

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We’ve also worked to finish all the bags around the bottom for the wooden wall.

IMG_4823 IMG_4824 IMG_4837 IMG_4827IMG_4834

Then we finished all the bags around the top edge finalizing the water line. And finally double checked the levels to ensure we had an even top line all the way around.

IMG_4877 IMG_4878 IMG_4851 IMG_4854 IMG_4864 IMG_4876



July 14, 2014

getting ready for the liner

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We spent a bunch of time shaping edges and cleaning up… all in anticipation of putting in the liner.

IMG_4802 IMG_4791 IMG_4809 July 2014 008 July 2014 015 IMG_4796 July 2014 056 July 2014 003 July 2014 063


Daughter worked to keep filling the bags.  She claimed to have shoveled 6.5 tonnes of gravel into those bags, which weigh 100lbs a piece.

IMG_4844 IMG_4847 IMG_4848 IMG_4850

July 11, 2014

Thursday, July 10 — The big day

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For months (well really the last couple of years) we’ve been able to drive the Cat skidsteer and the Kubota tractor and trailer down into the bottom of the pond through an opening and ramp at the east end of the pond.  Today was the day that ended…..

First we completed the drain piping (see previous post), connecting the perforated pipe to solid pipe up to ground level and beginning to bury it.

IMG_4743 IMG_4745IMG_4765

And then the big moment of feeling like we had an actual full pond basin.. filling in the opening and forming the last wall of the pond.

IMG_4747 IMG_4748 IMG_4749 IMG_4750 IMG_4752 IMG_4756 IMG_4761IMG_4762


This feels like a major accomplishment.  It really feels more like a complete pond now.   For the next few days its looks like lots of bag and carpet placement.  The weather is hot so we can only do so much at a time.



Early July 2014 b

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We’ve added yet more bags [this will be a theme for several days– likely around 100 bags to go..]  The bags weigh around 100 lbs, and once in place need to be pounded flat and solid.

IMG_4717 IMG_4720

We’ve installed a drain pipe with sock under the bottom edge of the lowest part of the pond.  We get some ground water in the pond.  The drain will be connected to a pipe which rises to ground level.  We are expecting that the weight of the water in the pond above the liner will force the ground water into the drain and then up the pipe to ground level and will run away.

IMG_4713 IMG_4716 P1010922

We now can bring the liner into the bottom of the pond awaiting its unrolling and unfolding.  The liner we bought is 100×50 feet and weighs around 1200 lbs.

IMG_4722 IMG_4724 IMG_4737 IMG_4739

And then we brought in about 80 bags of gravel for future use.  This is only part of the bunch.



Early July 2014 a

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In early July we’ve been able to spend more time with the long weekend holiday and vacation starting.  We’ve added more carpet and gravel bags shaping the edges of the pond.

IMG_4689 IMG_4690

And began the bags on the shelf in the pool where the wooden wall will sit on.


We’ve also been drilling fence post holes all around the property and the pond. The fence is the critical piece of the permit for a pond.  It has to be 5 feet high, not climbable, locking and self closing gates. [we’ve only put up part of the fencing and poles so far.]

IMG_4694 IMG_4763 IMG_4764

And again picked more rocks out that we had found while shaping walls and the shelf.

IMG_4703 IMG_4709

Early June 2014

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In early June we reviewed the erosion caused by the wicked winter and the spring rains and started to, with a hand shovel, shape the dirt walls and the shelf on which the wooden wall will sit.

P1010723 P1010725 P1010727

We also cleaned most of the big rocks out of the bottom of the pond.

P1010733 P1010738

It started to take shape and looked much neater and cleaner after the winter.

IMG_4677 IMG_4678 IMG_4679 P1010737

And then we began to put in the carpet which will protect the liner from rocks and roots.  We collected some of the carpet last year and stored it.

IMG_4686 IMG_4687



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