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March 30, 2008


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Marianne completed the bathroom walls and ceiling, the shower cement board is in and getting prepped for tiles.  And Harry got the LAST of the drywall hung.. YES! …. the foam insulation in the garage has been covered, the door jambs extended and finished.

Dennis is back 2

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Dennis completed a whole bunch of things last week, including installing the studio doors,  the dishwasher and kitchen sinks (one temporary with no counter top yet), master bathroom vanity and sink.  His final task was to install the toilet and make sure it flushes… yep, works fine.

March 24, 2008

Dennis is back

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Dennis is back to work with us for a week, moving us closer to getting this place finished.  Several doors went up today.  And Joel was here for the weekend and he and Harry got some more done on the kitchen including moving some of the appliances in.

More on the shower

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Marianne moved the shower pan along, Harry has got some of the cement board up.  Tiling will be happening soon…

Beautiful ceilings

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Marianne the artist textured the ceilings by hand in the living room and studio.  Harry the helper rolled the drywall mud on and prepared the surface at Marianne’s instruction.

March 17, 2008

Laundry and kitchen island

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Laundry room is done, appliances installed and hooked up.  Some of the kitchen counters are in the house, the complex little plan we have to create the island is coming together.

Enough already

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March 8, 2008

shower drain

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So you have a pipe coming out of the gravel beneath your floor, surrounded by foam blocks and that is supposed to be your shower drain.  What to do?

Dig all the foam out first and find back that gravel that you so lovingly compacted down many moons ago.  Decide not to spend the money on a specialized tool which you will only use once.  Instead take a handy dandy bit of hacksaw blade and with a bit of effort voila, a pipe cut to the right length. 

 Then stuff a rag with a string down the pipe to keep your next messy work out of the trap, which would plug up your drain for good.  Then put new foam around the bottom of the hole to create a thermal and moisture break. Then put in some concrete and sand mix shaped for the eventual kerdi shower drain.  The drain will be glued to that bit of pipe down under the floor.

More to come later…

update for Dad

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Gerda says that Dad is a very frequent checker of the blog.  But we have been slowing way down in posting these days because the progress is more painstaking.  However, a few things to report Dad.  Marianne has done another hand textured ceiling, this time the laundry room.  I think the picture shows it reasonably well.. they do look really great….  Marianne has also been painting more, including some of the doors that Harry has been installing.  Baseboards and trim are starting to go up in some rooms.  And the laundry sink has had a start ….. on we go…

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