Around the Bend Strawbale House, Pond and Gardens

July 16, 2007

More framing

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Bearing walls are built and ready for trusses.  Joel and Rosie check out our covered deck.  At the time of this writing (July 18) about half the interior walls are also up.


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Finishing the beams

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The beams are up but not quite complete yet. We left a 2-inch gap in the centre of each beam, which is now filled with insulation. Next, a strip of vapour barrier is stapled on the top and both sides of the beam. We apply caulking along the vapour barrier and add another strip of vapour barrier, hanging over the inside edge, which later will be attached to larger pieces to line the whole ceiling. Finally, another piece of plywood is nailed on top of the whole works, to complete the beam sandwich. Now we’re ready for the trusses!

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