Around the Bend Strawbale House, Pond and Gardens

July 25, 2007

Roof is sheathed

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Well the weather put a damper or progress for a bit, but the roof is sheathed and awaiting its steel finish.  Good job, Ed Sharkey! 

We have some last minute discussions with house designer/brother John on roof colour.  The colour we want, a rich chocolate brown, turns out to be different than we expected; we consider galvanized metal, dark green, soft blue (well only Marianne considers that) and finally agree on tan. The steel is ordered and will arrive next week. Without Dennis, though, who will put on the steel?  A conversation with Scott from the local lumberyard results in an experienced roofer who agrees to finish the job.  We’re looking forward to being able to work under cover while it rains!

July 19, 2007

The trusses are up

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Ed Sharkey and his colleagues Gaetan and Kevin put up most of the trusses this afternoon. The trusses had been partly assembled on the ground, so despite constant and sometimes heavy rain, the process went fairly quickly, with the help of a crane.

July 18, 2007

Roadblocks and challenges

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Update – July 28, 2007 – Good news!  Surgery went well, the tumour’s been removed and Dennis is back at home, offering building advice from the sidelines (see comment under “Roof is sheathed”).

When we began this project we were warned to expect the unexpected — timing problems, weather delays etc.  But we are all surprised that the biggest challenge to date is not house-related; instead it’s a diagnosis of kidney cancer for Dennis.  He continued to work onsite with us between trips back to Toronto for many medical tests and appointments.  Dennis is booked for surgery on Monday, July 23, and we hope to see his truck appear in our driveway soon after a full recovery! 

Trusses have arrived!

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At 6 am this morning the truck bearing our trusses rolled around the bend into our driveway.  In the next couple of days they should be up!  unless it rains again……

July 16, 2007

More framing

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Bearing walls are built and ready for trusses.  Joel and Rosie check out our covered deck.  At the time of this writing (July 18) about half the interior walls are also up.


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Finishing the beams

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The beams are up but not quite complete yet. We left a 2-inch gap in the centre of each beam, which is now filled with insulation. Next, a strip of vapour barrier is stapled on the top and both sides of the beam. We apply caulking along the vapour barrier and add another strip of vapour barrier, hanging over the inside edge, which later will be attached to larger pieces to line the whole ceiling. Finally, another piece of plywood is nailed on top of the whole works, to complete the beam sandwich. Now we’re ready for the trusses!

July 6, 2007

Getting the beams up

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Our son Joel has some work to do in Ottawa so he drops by for a few days to help build the walls.  Between rain showers we put up more of the box columns and then build the box beams above them.   The box beams are heavy — we begin construction on the ground by attaching one of the centre 2x8s to the plywood base, lift that up to the top of the box columns, and then add more 2x8s.   The beams are made of four 2x8s on each side of a 2″ space which we will fill with more insulation.  Again we are grateful for Dennis’ new nail gun, even though it is a bit temperamental!

You can see we’ve tarped the coloured concrete floor to protect it while it cures and before it can be sealed.  Now if we could only convince Rosie that it is not to be used as her personal bathroom!

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